The LOCATE Project at Portland Community College develops and delivers technical training in high performance technologies, methods and practices in the fields of landscaping (L), operations (O), building construction (C), and architectural design and drafting (A). LOCATE is part of a larger project funded by the Advanced Technological Education Program of the National Science Foundation, DUE #1104298.

LOCATE works with academic programs in the states of Oregon, Idaho and Washington to facilitate a higher level of knowledge, skills and interdisciplinary capabilities in high performance education and technologies. LOCATE will drive educational reforms and ensure that curriculum is informed by the latest advances and practices. PCC is uniquely positioned and highly qualified to lead the regional academic reform required to lead this effort.

LOCATE seeks to:

  1. Improve educators’ knowledge and understanding of high performance issues, trends, technologies, and best practices of technical programs
  2. Translate this new knowledge into curriculum changes so that students in a variety of technical programs are better prepared to work in fields where sustainability is emerging
  3. Create a community of sustainability-focused technical educators and provide these educators with a venue for scholarly interaction and dissemination of educational materials
  4. Increase access to and diversity in High Performance Design Building and Operations (HP-DPO) related programs for traditionally underrepresented populations

For more information about LOCATE contact:

Todd M. Sanders, PhD

LOCATE Principle Investigator (PI)

Portland Community College


tsanders #-# pcc .#. edu


Heidi Sickert, MPIA, CSBA


heidi.sickert #-# pcc .#. edu


Denise Roy, M.Arch.



droy #-# pcc .#. edu